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The agreement that Gerard Hammered signed in 2018 to renew it until July 2022 is controversial in Catalonia. Wednesday, the newspaper ‘Le Monde’ has continued its edition designated ‘BarçaLeaks’ desvelando the emoluments that the FC Barcelona central managed to win during the management of Josep María Bartomeu. The net salary approved to renew the defender was 28 million euros net per season, a figure he could raise including variable and bonuses.

In this way, Hammered assured to charge a total of 142 million euros gross over five years, a figure much higher than the agreement which previously signed Sergio Bouquets at Real Madrid. The ‘camero’ gained 12 ‘kilos’ net in this then, an amount that could go up to 15M adding the contractual bonus. As confirmed by ‘Le Monde’, the net salary of the 35-year-old player reached 13.6 million euros, a figure which increased explaining other ‘extras’.

Between them it would include a ‘loyalty bonus’, plus the ‘special price’, the ‘extraordinary bonus’ and the income per image, giving a total of 142,073,272 million from the 2017-18 season to the 2021-22, at a rate of 28.4 gross ‘kilos’ for each of the five seasons. However, Bartomeu updated the deal in 2020 amid the pandemic, when I Hammered agreed to defer part of his emolumentos by renewing until 2024.

In this sense, the Spanish newspaper details that the quantities agreed in the last four years with the defender were 18 million gross for the 2020-21 season; 27M in the 2021-22; 29.5M in 2022-23 and 40.8M in 2023-24. All these figures could be higher, depending on the bonuses, adjustments and postponements produced in each of the exercises.

The sanction to Hammered that he never applied

In the summer of 2018, the newspaper ‘Le Monde’ assures that the directive of the Barca accused Hammered of ‘causing very serious damage when requesting the entity to interact with its particular businesses’this with the aim of convincing Antoine Griezmann to abandon Athletic de Madrid to dress as a Blaugrana, something that finally succeeded a year later.

Bartomeu would have agreed to sanction the player “with 25% of a month’s salary, the amount could rise to more than 300,000 euros” because I hammered produced ‘The Decision’ documentary, in which Griezmann announced he was staying at Athletic for one more year instead of fichar by Barça. To finish, the sanction was never applied “because of the enormous decision-making power of the central and other staff referents”details the ‘BarçaLeaks’ report.


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