Five arrests in Spain linked to supporters of Pakistani terror group

Five supporters of a Pakistani terrorist group arrested in Andalusia and Catalonia. picture. National Police

Five supporters of a Pakistani terrorist group linked to the attacks in France arrested in Spain

National Police officers arrested five Pakistani citizens in Barcelona, ​​Girona, the municipality of Jaen d’Ubeda and Granada. They were arrested as part of an operation coordinated by the National High Court against supporters of a Pakistani movement considered a terrorist group.

The man who carried out the attack on the former Charlie Hebdo facilities in France in 2020 is believed to belong to the same group.

As reported by the National Police, the arrests were made for their alleged participation in the crimes of collaboration with a terrorist organization, apology and incitement to commit terrorist acts.

Carried out on Monday 21 last, the operation resulted in the dismantling of the group of partisans, who called for the murder of those who demonstrated against Islam.

This Thursday morning, February 24, the five detainees were placed at the disposal of the head of the Central Court of Instruction No. 6, where the judge ordered that they all be imprisoned.

The investigation began in September 2020, after the attack committed by the Pakistani Zaheer Hassan Mahmood in Paris. He seriously injured two people next to the former facilities of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Later, it was discovered that Mahmood was linked to a Pakistani movement that promotes the killing of anyone who blasphemes against the Prophet or Islam.

Faced with this new terrorist phenomenon, the General Information Commissioner’s Office and the Provincial Information Brigade of Barcelona have opened this investigation to detect the radical profiles who are followers of this movement in Spain.

Those investigated and now detained shared extremely violent orations. They also praised the actions of terrorists who had carried out attacks in Europe and Pakistan, against people considered blasphemous.

As the police explain, in order to maintain a coherent ideological structure, this movement had constituted a propaganda apparatus in Spain. They had created content to spread and consolidate his violent ideology against those who criticize Islam.

The operation, carried out by the Barcelona Provincial Information Brigade and the General Information Commissioner’s Office, benefited from the collaboration of the Provincial Information Brigades of Girona, Granada, Jaén and Murcia, as well as the National Intelligence Center ( CNI) and Europol, as reported by


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