Andalusia | Junta leader invites companies from Catalonia to move to Andalusia


Speaking at the Foro Vocento in Seville this Tuesday morning, Juanma Moreno stressed that the region has no inheritance, gift or wealth tax and said it will never become independent because “we are proud to be part of Spain”.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, who on Monday announced the abolition of wealth tax in the region from Wednesday, has now invited entrepreneurs from Catalonia to settle in the region.

Speaking at the Foro Vocento in Seville on Tuesday morning, he stressed that there are inheritance, gift and wealth taxes in Catalonia but not in Andalusia and that “we are never going to become independent here because we we are proud to be part of Spain”.

Moreno pointed out that with the abolition of the wealth tax, Andalusia is the region of Spain with the least taxes, but he denied that the coffers of the regional government would suffer, saying that the tax on the income of just 7,200 new tax-paying residents would make up for lost income, not to mention their other taxes.

Wealth tax in Andalusia will be abolished from Wednesday this week

He also said that the measure will have a significant effect on employment because the very wealthy directly generate jobs wherever they decide to settle.

The president of the regional government also confirmed that next year’s budget will exceed 45 billion euros, five billion more than currently, and that the money will be used to support essential public services, provide a net of security for the most vulnerable families and stimulate consumption and the economy.


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