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BMW credit: be sure to find the best rate

To find the best BMW credit, there are not 36 solutions. You have to go around the market to make sure you get the best rate. We’ve made it easy for you! Credither, N ° 1 independent credit comparator on the internet, constantly checks the best rates offered by the largest financial organizations and offers you the cheapest BMW car loan.

BMW credit: new or used?

BMW credit: new or used?

If you are wondering about buying a new or used BMW, BMW credit can help you make the right choice.
First of all, if you buy a used car, it is in your interest to check the rating of the vehicle but also to look on sites like www.leboncoin.fr to find out at what price is listed which model.

BMW car credit can allow you to buy a new model or a used model. Thanks to our car loan simulator, you will be able to define the budget that you want to devote to your BMW credit and therefore decide the budget that you want to invest in your purchase in the end.

Used BMW credit

To find the best BMW credit for a used car, it’s very simple, you must avoid going through a dealer or the bank. Why ? Banks and dealers are not specialists in basic credit, they are even less seasoned to offer attractive offers on used car credit. The rates offered on this type of formula are generally well above what a specialist can offer. For a second-hand BMW loan, we therefore concentrated on obtaining the cheapest loan from all the largest organizations such as Bankate or Viloan or the lesser known such as Good lender but which often offers very attractive rates.

To obtain the best BMW credit rate, we regularly collect all the offers for all the durations and all the amounts of these credit specialists and we give you back a personalized classification based on the APR rate, the defined legal reference rate by the consumer credit law.
Because we don’t just give you a ranking. Thanks to our exclusive questionnaire, we get tailor-made offers and we allow you to increase your chances of being accepted at the best rate by being able to file up to 3 files for the 3 cheapest organizations. We also advise our customers to deposit at least 2 so as not to be left with nothing if the file for the cheapest BMW car credit rate is not accepted.

Save on BMW Credit

Save on BMW Credit

At Credither, we do not just say that it is better to compare the BMW credit, we directly prove the interest.

Take the example of a BMW loan through a 20,000 USD loan over 48 months, here is what the statements of the moment give:

  • Least expensive rate: 3.59% monthly payment: 447.41 USD total cost of credit: 1475.68 USD.
  • Most expensive rate: 6.65% monthly payment: 473.89 USD total cost of credit: 2746.72 USD.

For exactly the same BMW 20,000 USD credit you could pay double to single !! 1300 USD more for exactly the same thing !!
And the most expensive rate is offered by the one who is undoubtedly the best known credit organization in France !!

Best new BMW credit rate

Best new BMW credit rate

For new, the rate offered by the dealer can be very competitive at certain times or even unbeatable. Have you ever seen advertisements for credit at a 0% APR rate also called free credit ? It is also practiced in the automobile. In fact, to boost sales at certain times and to avoid making excessive discounts on the car, one of the practices is to offer this type of credit and this can also be the case for BMW credit. But we cannot tell you when this type of operation is planned because it can happen at any time of the year… or not!
To be able to benefit from this type of BMW credit, it is rather chance that decides for you, so be careful, because when this happens, it does not last very long and it is generally once in the year.

Negotiate your BMW credit

Otherwise, to get the best BMW credit rate on a new car, here are our negotiation tips. First of all, the first step is to get the best auto loan rate online. This step is very simple but essential to prepare a good negotiation with your dealer or with your banker.