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Bank survey: the use of French credit for treatment

More than a million French people have already used consumer credit to treat themselves, according to a survey (*) by the CSA Institute for bank. A third of the adults interviewed also declared that they had already overlooked consultations or care, citing financial reasons. Update on health numbers.

Health: a part of the French renounces treatment

Health: a part of the French renounces treatment

One in three French people have difficulty paying their health costs , according to the study carried out by the CSA Institute for the credit organization bank. An average budget of $ 715.00 per person, which skyrockets when you isolate the over 50s ($ 934.00). The disparities are also geographic: an Alsatian spends an average of $ 1,166.00 per year for his health, while a resident of the Center Val-de-Loire pays half as much ($ 481.00).

Optics, hearing and dental costs weigh on the French

The French who are financially deadlocked with healthcare costs are generally those with optical, hearing or dental needs (see our dental credit article) . It is precisely in these three areas of expenditure that the “remainder of expenses” is most important. With regard to the average price of dental or hearing formulas, we understand better why some French people simply do not have the means to treat themselves.

France performing well in terms of health coverage

The proportion of health expenditure directly borne by French households reached only 8.3% in 2017. France is quite simply the OECD member most protective of health with its fellow citizens (* ²) . The fact remains that the proportion of French people largely affected by dental, optical or hearing problems are sometimes at a complete dead end. 13% of them use consumer credit, an inevitable alternative when other solutions (savings, monthly budget, homemaker) have already been considered.

Objective remains at zero charge!

The President made a commitment to improve access to health for all. The government therefore intends to tackle the famous “remains dependent”. The French should have, from 2019, the choice of opting for a solution with or without a dependent charge. This measure aims to gradually reduce the cost of the three most expensive sectors. The goal is to achieve 100% free coverage on glasses, dentures and hearing aids by 2021 .

These new measures will be beneficial for households and will a priori have little impact on the mutual. They will concern all French people with complementary health care, ie 95% of the population. If we know that there is a step between the objectives and the concrete achievements, the gradual implementation of the “100% health” mission from 2019 should allow the households concerned to see more clearly.